Successful Selling with NLP : Powerful Ways to Help You Connect with Your Customers نشر خاص

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"An entertaining, relevant and immediately applicable guide to solving sales problems with the power of NLP. Most sales training focuses on 'closing the deal'. Joseph O'Connor and Robin Prior invite you instead to shift your attention to 'opening the relationship'. 'Successful Selling with NLP' shows how concentrating on identifying and meeting your customer's needs, rather than on making a fquick sale, will result in more exciting, interesting and ultimately rewarding working relationships. Discover how to create and maintain good customer relationships, both on the phone and face-to-tace. Learn to speak the customer's language. Find out out what your customers really want. Increase the power of your presentations. Ensure you own well-being. Be a leader as well as a manager. Building win-win relationships is the key to successful marketing and selling, and NLP modelling provides you with the tools to do it. "

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